RINBER Lawyers is a criminal law firm based in MALAGA, GRANADA and MADRID, with nationwide activity. It is managed by MANUEL and JAVIER RINCON, experienced Criminal Lawyer Master in Criminal Law by the Lawyer’s Association of MALAGA and member of the International Bar Association (IBA), with a prestigious career in the defense of hundreds of criminal cases. They have taught at the Universities of Malaga  and is usually involved in media, press and publications of criminal law. (Best criminal Lawyer in Spain).

We are a highly specialized criminal law firm. We deal with all types of crimes and have extensive experience in the resolution of criminal proceedings in criminal Courts. We have helped our clients to solve their legal problems, fighting alongside at all times, no matter how difficult their situation could seem.

At RINBER Abogados we specialize in Criminal Law. This guarantees a high level of expertise in issues where the fundamental rights of individuals facing criminal charges are at stake. (Best criminal Lawyer in Spain).

We have wide experience in financial or white collar crimes. We provide legal counsel services to clients facing criminal charges, as well as private prosecution services before all manner of courts on behalf of the victims of crimes, particularly financial crimes, basing our work on tenacity and full-time commitment to our clients.

More specifically, we are highly trained in the following crime categories: (Best criminal Lawyer in Spain).

Financial crimes: misappropriation, scams, forgery of official, public or commercial documents, corporate crimes, money laundering, criminal insolvency, and related crimes.

Crimes against the Public Treasury (tax crimes).

Workers’ rights violations: particularly, homicide or employment-related injuries resulting from recklessness.

Crimes against property: robbery, theft, handling of stolen goods, damages, fraud, etc.

Administrative and political crimes: bribery, land and real estate fraud, insider trading, embezzlement, prohibited negotiations, corruption, and failure in safeguarding documents. (Best criminal Lawyer in Spain).

Crimes against the administration of justice: false accusation and claims, simulation of crimes, false testimony, obstruction, professional disloyalty, violation of sentences. (Best criminal Lawyer in Spain).

Traffic violations: reckless driving, DUI.

We are also experienced in extradition proceedings and other processes with an international component (letters rogatory, international investigations, European arrest warrants). (Best criminal Lawyer in Spain).

RINBER Law Firm specialises in the defence of procedural or pre-procedural interests (defence or, as the case may be, complainant) in all areas of Traditional Criminal Law, and has a substantial specialisation in Business Criminal Law:

– Economic and company Criminal Law:

– Patrimonial

– Insolvency

– Corporate

– Fiscal

– Intellectual and industrial property

– Securities Market

– Civil Service crime: bribery, corruption, embezzlement of public funds, influence peddling.

– Environmental and town planning Criminal Law.

– Professional negligence or others, including work accidents.

– Misrepresentation (public, official, business and private documents).

– Criminal and civil protection of honour and other personal rights.

– Procedural criminal protection of fundamental rights.

– Reports and opinions on any area of Criminal Law

– International criminal law:

– Extradition

– European arrest and handover warrant

– International penitentiary law

If you find yourself under investigation, or charged with an offence that requires you to go to court, it is essential that you obtain advice from an experienced criminal law lawyer who specialises in police matters, as soon as possible. (Best criminal Lawyer in Spain).

Our experienced criminal law Spanish Lawyers can help if you:

– Are required to attend a formal interview with Spanish Police

– Have been charged by the police and have to go to Spain Court

– Have been charged by a Spain Government Authority

– Have been found guilty and want to appeal the conviction or sentence

– Information on how to write a character reference letter for Spain Court

The Spanish legal system can be complicated, but we can listen to your situation and simplify the process.

Types of matters our criminal defense lawyers can help with: (Best criminal Lawyer in Spain).

– Breach of Spain Court orders

– Carless and dangerous driving

– Fraud

– Drink driving and drug offenses

– Speeding

– Theft

– Infringement warrants

We’ll give you clear, comprehensive and practical advice about your legal situation in Spain:

– How you should deal with it

– What you can expect to pay

– How you can best prepare for Spain Court

– Whether you should plead guilty or not guilty

– What penalties might apply

– Whether you should appeal, (Best criminal Lawyer in Spain).


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