At RINBER Abogados we specialize in Criminal Law. This guarantees a high level of expertise in issues where the fundamental rights of individuals facing criminal charges are at stake.

We have wide experience in financial or white collar crimes. We provide legal counsel services to clients facing criminal charges, as well as private prosecution services before all manner of courts on behalf of the victims of crimes, particularly financial crimes, basing our work on tenacity and full-time commitment to our clients. (Criminal Lawyers Málaga).

 More specifically, we are highly trained in the following crime categories:

Financial crimes: misappropriation, scams, forgery of official, public or commercial documents, corporate crimes, money laundering, criminal insolvency, and related crimes. (Criminal Lawyers Málaga).

Crimes against the Public Treasury (tax crimes).

Workers’ rights violations: particularly, homicide or employment-related injuries resulting from recklessness.

Crimes against property: robbery, theft, handling of stolen goods, damages, fraud, etc.

Administrative and political crimes: bribery, land and real estate fraud, insider trading, embezzlement, prohibited negotiations, corruption, and failure in safeguarding documents.

Crimes against the administration of justice: false accusation and claims, simulation of crimes, false testimony, obstruction, professional disloyalty, violation of sentences. (Criminal Lawyers Málaga).

Traffic violations: reckless driving, DUI.

We are also experienced in extradition proceedings and other processes with an international component (letters rogatory, international investigations, European arrest warrants).

Defense representation before the criminal courts in all types of proceedings.

Law basically divides itself into two branches: Public Law and Private Law. Private Law addresses the private problems of the individual whilst Public law addresses those which imply a liability which must be satisfied to the whole of Society. Thus, Criminal Law is the maximum exponent of such Public Law as it tries to give a solution to infractions which imply a damage to public rights or interests which the Law is obliged to guarantee, such as the life, the property or the health of a person. (Criminal Lawyers Málaga).

 In sum, Criminal Law is the group of laws and regulations which govern the right of the State to punish individuals, associating to some events, strictly determined by Law, a penalty, a measure of security, or a measure of correction, with the aim of ensuring the fundamental values over which the peaceful human coexistence has its grounds.

 Criminal Law is basically divided into Crimes and Offences. An Offence, in Criminal Law, is a non-legal conduct which endangers some protected legal right which however is considered less serious and that, as such, is not typified as a Crime. Thus, a Crime is more serious than an Offence and it can be defined as a legally typified, non-legal action based on the culpability of a person which can, eventually, be punished.

 A Democratic State of Law ensures causes of exclusion, extenuation and aggravation to such infractions and this is where the Lawyer, as a legal expertise, can act so that the Balance of Justice is rightly inclined in favour of the accused party or the presumed victim and so that the punishment is applied in its fair measure. We can assist you if you become part of such event in any part of the Spanish territory. (Criminal Lawyers Málaga).

 If however the list of Crimes and Offences compiled in the Spanish Criminal Code is very extensive, we now detail you some of the situations in which our professionals may help you so that you can obtain a defence of your interests and an equitable application of the Law:

 Crimes against Physical Integrity:

• Murder

• Assisted Suicide

• Homicide

• Injuries

• Car Accidents

• Gender Violence

 Crimes against Honour:

• Diffamation

• Slander

 Crimes against Freedom:

• Kidnap

• Minor Abduction

• Threats

 Crimes against Property:

• Larceny

• Theft

• Blackmail

• Swindle

• Seizure

• Damages to Property

• Criminal Defence of Copyright

• Criminal Defence of Intellectual Property

 Crimes against Public Health: (Criminal Lawyers Málaga).

• Drug Traffic

• Drug Possession

 Serious Breaches of Duty:

• Professional Breach of Duty

 Crimes against Health and Security at Work:

• Liability derived from a Work Accident

 Crimes against the Public Administration:

• Abuse of Authority

• Authority Assault

• Bribery

• Illegal Exaction

• Tax Fraud

• Tax Evasion

• Misappropriation of Public Funds

 Crimes against Public Faith:

• Forfeiting of coins, notes, drafts and other credit documents

• Forfeiting of stamps and brands

• Forfeiting of documents.

• Frauds to commerce and industry

Work Accidents: (Criminal Lawyers Málaga).

Unfortunately, there are many cases in which a worker, whilst exercising his/her profession, becomes the victim of slight, serious or very serious injuries which leave him/her handicapped for life or, even, cause his/her death in some cases. (Criminal Lawyers Málaga).

The criminal laws protect workers from the typical position which some enterprises take in these cases. (Criminal Lawyers Málaga).

 If unfortunately you become the victim of one of these situations within the Spanish territory, you will count with the professional aid of our lawyers to solve it, or at least, to mitigate its painful effects. (Criminal Lawyers Málaga).


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