Established in 1999, RINBER is one of the country’s fastest growing firms of solicitors, servicing both corporate entities and private individuals. This growth has derived from a simple mission: to provide a reliable, accurate and practicable legal service. (Lawyers Málaga). PHONE: 627467042

However, whilst we consider ourselves expert in the matters we undertake we never forget that we are dealing with people, frequently disadvantaged, who may find the law complex and daunting. We undertake to guide you through the law by applying it to resolve the problems that you entrust to us.

Experience has shown that our clients require four things from us:

Commitment, Communication, Confidentiality, and Courtesy, and upon these we lay the foundations of our service. People approach RINBER for our advice and action on a variety of legal issues; often these people are vulnerable and in turmoil, whether brought about by their personal circumstances or their business activities. Whatever your need you should rightly expect, and will receive, a genuine commitment from us of professionalism and care throughout our handling of your instructions.

Like all solicitors we are regulated by The Law Society (ICAMALAGA), but our commitment extends beyond the professional formalities that we are required to observe; for instance, in arranging meetings outside our office hours if appropriate.

As an essential element of its service RINBER will advise you on the options available to you for funding your case.

Legal advice and assistance on all matters of criminal law with special attention to foreigners accused by Spanish authorities. Representation and defense of victims of crime in the Spanish courts including minor offenses, traffic accidents and other crimes against persons. Advice on applications for extradition orders, etc. (Lawyers Málaga).

Our lawyers are aware of the need for special protection and the delicate nature of this particular area of law. Accusations of this kind require a comprehensive criminal defense and knowledgeable counsel that can intervene with any situation: 1) whether you want to exercise criminal action against someone defending your rights and interests, or 2) if you are already been imputed and are a defendant in an open or ongoing judicial procedure 3) if charges are pressed.

Private Clients.

At your first meeting you will be told how we calculate our charges. Whenever possible we will give you a detailed breakdown of the estimated total costs, whether these are our own fees or for an external resource such as a procurador or an expert. As with all solicitors, Solicitor Valencia requires your authority to make these payments, known as disbursements, to other people on your behalf.

In litigation matters you may be able to recover your costs from the opposing party if you win your case.

Please contact us so that we can assess what funding may be available to you. So you will always know from the very begining exactly how much is going to cost you. Remember , when you win the case (If you do) you can always recover all the fees and expenses.

Our business has been built on representing clients througout Málaga City, the coastline, all of Málaga’s inland towns and other areas of mainland Spain. We are a family run business with a focus on client satisfaction and providing the best standard of client representation, that we believe is unrivalled by any other law firm. (Lawyers Málaga).

We provide a comprehensive range of legal service meeting the requirements of our international and Spanish clients, making ourselves accessible and easy to communicate with, whilst ensuring the highest attention of detail is paid to all legal matters being represented. Our legal services extend to both private clients and to business clients, assisting existing and new business needs, and principaly on criminal law. (Lawyer Málaga).


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